World-class diving on a dream island near Bali!

Sanctum Nusa Penida Diving Center is located near Bali and can be reached by speedboat in less than an hour. The island is known for its stunning scenery and is a world-class dive destination with its incredible dive sites. The island’s best dive sites include Crystal Bay, Manta Point and Toyapakeh. At Nusa Penida you can meet wonderful manta rays all year round. During the autumn season, you can also encounter unique mola molas (the oceanic sunfish). The coral reefs in the area are well preserved and there you can admire the colourful coral gardens beyond the reach of the eye. Almost all of Nusa Penida’s dive sites are drift dives. Nusa Penida is a dream diving destination for more experienced divers, but there are also easier sites for beginners. The dive schedules for the each day are planned individually and the Sanctum team knows when and where it’s safe and fun to dive. Nusa Penida has remained authentic despite its location being near Bali. When travelling to Nusa Penida you won’t find big nightclubs, shopping malls or big resorts, but there is a beautiful nature, cozy beach bars and a lot to explore around the island. At Nusa Penida you will find world-famous, breathtaking scenery such as Kelingking Beach (also known as T-Rex Beach), Broken Beach and Angel’s Billabong.

Come diving with mesmerizing manta rays

Manta rays live in Nusa Penida and it is possible to meet these mythical creatures there all year around. We make daily trips to Manta Point for diving.

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Nusa Penida's stunning dive sites

The most famous dive sites are Manta Point and and Crystal Bay. Although Nusa Penida is especially known for its manta rays and mola molas, diving there overall is a fantastic experience. Visibility is usually very good (10m-40m) and coral reefs are better preserved than in many other places. Nusa Penida's reefs have a lots of colorful soft and hard corals covering wide areas and the marine life is really rich.

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Sanctum team at Nusa Penida

Mimmi, the little sister of another owner of the Sanctum Dive Center (Emmi Hyvärinen) has lived in Nusa Penida for the past years and runs the Nusa Penida dive center along with her husband Yosephi with the help of the rest of the Sanctum team.

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Get first glanze of diving in Nusa Pedida from our video