Story of Sanctum Dive Indonesia

The story of the Finnish-Indonesian diving center Sanctum began year 2015 in Sulawesi, Indonesia, where Emmi Hyvärinen and her husband Andri Yusuf opened the first Sanctum diving center on the far-away island of Una Una in Togean Islands. The second Sanctum diving center was opened in Nusa Penida in 2017, when the couple wanted to move closer to civilization after having a little Selina girl. In early 2020, Gili Trawangan Center’s grand opening was celebrated.

Now Sanctum arranges also safaris to Bali island’s most famous dive sites from Sanur. So if you are traveling in Bali area, you can easily visit even three of Sanctum’s locations and explore wide range of different dive sites. Sanctum is happy to help with your travel arrangements if needed.

Sanctum Dive Una Una is located further away in Sulawesi, Indonesia in the middle of a magnificent coral triangle in Togean Islands. Sanctum’s Una Una diving center This coral triangle could be described as a marine amazon. This location offers underwater life similar to what you can find in Raja Ampat and Papua, but with more barracuda and less sharks. Getting to Una Una Island, may sound arduous and long, but the trip is definitely worth it.  Una Una has also started different nature conservation programs and some of those are also open for quests.

Emmi owns and runs Sanctum together with Andri. Most of the time you can find her at Gili Traganwan dive center. Emmi started diving in 2010, on the island of Phi Phi in Thailand and from there she returned to Finland to do a number of courses in Finnish waters. She has worked as a diving instructor for the last 7 years, e.g. Malta, Thailand and Indonesia. Emmi is very experienced diving professional with the strong marketing understanding. Emmi is a relaxed and warm-hearted teacher. She especially loves macro-diving at Gili Trawangan and exiting drift diving in Nusa Penida.

Andri is from Sulawesi, near Una Una Island. Andri has been familiar with the world of diving since he was a child as he was born into a family of diving entrepreneurs. Andri’s mother owns the first diving center in Togean in Kadidir. Before Sanctum, Andri ran his mother’s Andri is a lawyer by training and handles Sanctum’s paperwork and of course also dives, meaning he also works as an Instructor at Nusa Penida.

You should also go and test Sanctum restaurant’s delicious dishes. Emmi is also talented in this area and Sanctum has a very tasty menu.

Sanctum family keeps growing and new members are joining the team along the company’s journey. In addition to the standard team, Sanctum has seasonal Dive Master and ICD trainees working in different locations, as well as Sanctum graduates.

Below you can find more information about our Sanctum family in addition to Emmi and Andri.

Emmi and Andri own jointly Sanctum Dive Indonesia dive center. The boat is named after their daughter Selina.

Team members at Sanctum Nusa Penida, Gili Trawangan and Sanur locations

In addition to the founders of Sanctum, Emmi Hyvärinen and Andri Yusuf, who are presented at the upper part on this page, below you can read our other Sactum employees presentations.

Emmi’s little sister Mimmi Hyvärinen, PADI OWD INSTRUCTOR, has lived in Nusa Penida for the last 3 years and runs the Nusa Penida dive center together with her husband Yosephi. Mimmi is a very positive and precise diving teacher. Mimmi is also one of Sanctum’s best “shark whisperer”, and divers at her group might just get luckier and see more beautiful reef sharks than others.

Yospeh Ay, a PADI and RAID instructor, is Mimmi’s husband and they have a little son Yoshua. Yospeh has been diving for the last 7 years in his profession and has already  done around 3,000 dives at Nusa Penida. Yoseph’s favourite dive site at Nusa Penida is Toypakeh. Yoseph is very experienced dive instructor and fun to be around. Sometimes you might also hear Yoseph singing and playing at a Sanctum’s parties at the restaurant.

Andrew Noviko, PADI special instructor ( eng,rus) has been part of the Sanctum family for over a year. He is a very professional and punctual teacher at the Nusa Penida Center with plenty of humor. Andrew loves to show the reefs and teach diving for the new divers and instruct AOWD courses. Andrew’s favourite dive site is definitely Banah at Nusa Penida. Andrew is building his own “homestay” at Nusa Penida at the moment.

Sanctum Una Una team

Anni Kytömäki is from Finland. She left Finland to travel in 2010 is still on her way. Anni visited Una Una as guest twice in 2016 and made a comeback to Una Una for the Sanctum team in 2018. Anni works as a manager at Una Una and is also a partner at Sanctum Una Una. Thanks to her colorful work history, Anni has a lots of new ideas how to develop the resort further. Anni loves the oceans and nature very much and she is very passionate conservationist. Anni has started various nature conservation and environmental responsibility projects at Sanctum Una Una location and is developing more continuously. Anni teaches and runs Una Una conservation projects and trains different diving courses.

Before joining Una Una Anni dived around the world, e.g. In Australia, Canada, Portugal, Asia, Finland and in different locations in Indonesia. Anni is happy to call Una Una as her home, even she will never stop travelling around. Anni especially loves Una Una’s “muck dives” and spotting exiting macro creatures from their hiding places. Anni’s favourite dive destinations at Una Una are Barrenland and Wonderful.

Cedrick is a French partner who lives half a year at Una Una and the other half he spends traveling and spending time in Tana Toraja in Sulawesi with his family. Cedrik brings joy to the Sanctum family with his positive attitude sharing his expertise and passion for diving with others. Cedrick has lived close to the oceans since he was a child and he loves the sea very much. Cedrik is instructor for example in the following courses: sidemount, nitrox, deep, DPV, wreck and emergency oxygen provider courses and he instructs in French, English and Spanish.

Cedrick is both a PADI, SSI and ADIP instructor and, like the rest of the staff, he also runs the Ocean Quest coral course. Cedrick is also the regional manager of the ADIP organization in Indonesia. Cedrick has dived in various parts of Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand, New Zealand, French Polynesia, Cuba, France and Guadeloupe. He writes a blog in French. Cedrik’s favorite dive sites at Una Una are Black forrest and P1.

Naldi is from the Batudaka island in Wakai from. He is our longest-serving employee and one of the local divemasters. Naldi started as captain in 2015. Despite his young age, Naldi has had a solid plan to advance in his career further and  this was awarded with the Divemaster course. Naldi has a great knowledge of Una Una’s dive sites and he always wants to learn something new. Naldi’s next step is to complete a trainer course at Sanctum Nusa Penida dive center. Naldi has been working a lot with Sanctum’s school project (one of the Conservation projects). Naldi also instructs an ocean quest coral course. Thanks to Sanctum’s good atmosphere, work community, and changing interesting projects, Naldi sees himself working at Sanctum for a long time. Naldi’s favorite dive sites at Una Una are Apollo, Karang Lamps and Abyss.

Fatur is from the island of Batudaka, Waka, the main island of Togean. He started as captain at Sanctum in 2017 and completed his divemaster course in 2019. He teaches Ocean Quest coral planting courses and is part of Una Una’s conservation projects especially “Celengan Sampah” project. Fatur is interested in both diving and freediving. In the future, Fatur wants to teach freediving. Sanctum’s good atmosphere, great colleagues, interesting projects makea Sanctum as a place to work. Fatur’s favorite dive sites at Una Una are Pelangi and Karamg lembu.