Dive into a unique paradise far away from the crowds to the Togean islands!

Sanctum’s Una Una diving center is located in Sulawesi, Indonesia in the middle of a magnificent coral triangle in Togean Islands. This coral triangle could be described as a marine amazon. Getting to Una Una Island may seem long, but the trip is definitely worth it and actually it’s often harder to leave Una Una than travel there. Una Una will leave a mark on your heart and make you want to come back. Our team will help you with the travel arrangements if you wish so.

The best way to describe our resort is that it is like tropical summer cottage with a small luxury setting. Our resort has also a sauna, from where it is nice to take a dip in the seawater pool or run directly to the seawater. The resort is ideally located so that the morning sun can be enjoyed at sunrise and the sunset can be admired from our jetty. In the evenings it is possible to enjoy a campfire on the beach by the sea. The resort has an awesome yoga area. There you will also find board games, a feather field, a dart board and different games.

Una Una Sanctum resort is environmentally friendly resort, where electricity comes mainly from solar panels. The water filtered from from a well and is drinkable directly from the tap. We are also very proud of our garden, which offers variety of vegetables and has many different fruit trees.

Sanctum’s lounge and bar serves juicy jungle cocktails with spectacular sea views. Recycling is very important for us at Sanctum and lots of efforts are made to reuse materials as much as possible before recycling. Every waste has its place and purpose. There are many different resorts on the Togean Islands that make a variety of decorative items from waste.

The resort has laundry facilities, so you may travel lightly to Una Una.

We have cute pets in our resort. Currently we have several cats, a dog, a rooster, chickens and our resort is also visited by the villagers’ “free range” cows and goats.

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Sanctum Una Una is like a live board on the ground with it's diverse dive sites

The  crystal clear waters of Una Una offer awesome visibility and its undersea world can be compared to the waters of Raja Ampat and Wakatobi. Una Una’s dive sites are very close to the resort, so you don’t have to waste time sitting on a boat. Sanctum Una Una Dive resort could easily be compared a live board on the ground with it’s diverse dive sites.

Information about the Una Una dive sites coming soon!

Una Una Sanctum team introduction

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New at Una Una!

Sidemount diver -course

as an addition to Una Una’s course offering, there is now also a Sidemonth Diver course! The course introduces you to diving with one or more tanks attached to the on diver’s sides. This method gives the diver more flexibility and streamlining options.

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Sanctum Una Una has various nature conservation related projects ongoing

We want to do our share for saving our planet. We do our best with community improvement efforts and for nature and marine conservation. The workload is high, but we have already started several development projects at Sanctum. Customers can also participate in some of our projects. One of these is e.g. our Coral Rehabilitation Course: An Ocean Quest curriculum that has spread around the world. Sea Shepherds joined the organization in 2013 and the mission focuses on coral rehabilitation “Rehabilitation” around the world.